YoBit Review: Key Features. YoBit is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that supports lots of cryptocurrencies, payment methods, and features. According to the most popular coin index site, cryptodayly.de, YoBit is one of the top ten exchanges in terms of traffic, liquidity, and trading cryptodayly.de it does not support complex trading functions like trading with leverage, it does come . The Yobit deposit Bitcoin cash blockchain is a public ledger that records bitcoin transactions. It is implemented atomic number 33 a chain of blocks, from each one block containing fat-soluble vitamin hash of the past lug up to the Book of Genesis block of the chain. 8) What is deposit fulfillment waiting time at cryptodayly.de? ↑ Any deposit or withdrawal transactions starts just as the user's application is created. However any funds transfer and changes can take up to 24 hours. Sometimes delays in days are possible.

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InvestBox is a great tool for traders to earn some additional funds by investing their free coins and fulfilling certain conditions as per the investment plan. The Dice game is also not far behind, it is a gambling game quite similar to roulette and the users will just have to clock on one of the 2 buttons. YoBit also has an ongoing CryptoTalk campaign where the community members can post about the platform and get an opportunity to earn as much as 0.

There are many rumors around founders and team members of YoBit. There are some documents at our disposal confirming registration of the exchange and legal entity:. Founders of the exchange are well-known in closed crypto communities and usually attend leading international conferences, but remain anonymous in public for security purposes. As on any other trading platform, users are required to first deposit funds into their respective accounts on YoBit.

The platform not just supports cryptocurrencies, but also fiat deposit and withdrawal options. It has a long list of payment options starting with a whole lot of cryptocurrencies, leading credit and debit cards, Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash and more. The presence of flexible payment options on YoBit effectively reduces the barrier to entry for traders, as they can start trading within minutes of signing up.

The fee structure in YoBit is quite attractive compared to other similar platforms in the market. However, it has a small withdrawal fee structure in place which varies depending on the withdrawal method. Bitcoin withdrawals from the platform carry a fee of 0.

The platform also implements a flat fee model without making any distinction between makers and takers, charging 0. Some of the security features implemented in YoBit include file systems encryption, SSL, anti-DDOS, intelligent system of queer transaction analysis and blocking, real-time encrypted data backup, cold wallets and more. It also implements 2-factor authentication for trading accounts and freeze withdrawal option that can be used by the traders to prevent unauthorized withdrawal in case there is a hacking attempt on the account.

Further, with KYC not being mandatory, users also have an option to minimize the risk of exposing their private information by not submitting it in the first place. YoBit has a strong customer support team in place that is more than capable of handling most of the customer queries.

The customer support team can be reached by raising a ticket on the platform and one can expect a response within a few minutes. Another interesting option is to contact support directly in Telegram. YoBit boasts of one of the largest online communities across two Telegram channels in two different languages — English and Russian with 80, and 60, members, respectively.

It is also a great place to discuss the platform, trading strategies, and also get any issues they have had with the platform resolved. Moreover, the exchange was highly rated by many independent cryptocurrency media like Blocknomi and Coinspeaker.

YoBit is a hidden gem, a simple trading platform offering the best trading experience. It probably offers more trading pairs than many of its more well-known peers, and not to mention, the kind of support it offers to various blockchain projects by giving them a place to list and trade their tokens.

Once you have clicked on the registration link, you will be prompted to switch on your 2FA Authenticator via settings.

For demonstrative purposes, USD has been chosen. Choose your preferred funding method, in this case AdvCash, Payeer, or Perfect Money, and enter the amount that you wish to transfer.

You will then need to confirm the payment order. For demonstrative purposes, we have chosen Perfect Money as the funding method. Enter your e-voucher number, activation code, and Turing number and confirm payment.

It is worth noting that, while YoBit does not charge for deposits, Perfect Pay does charge a commission for transfers. For investors and traders holding wishing to deposit cryptocurrencies, please see the Deposit section below. YoBit has one of the most extensive coverages of cryptocurrencies in the market place today. This also gives investors and traders a more comprehensive list of cryptocurrencies to make a deposit with.

With YoBit providing a comprehensive catalog of cryptocurrencies for trading and investing, there are also a total of 8, active parings to select from. YoBit supports the investing and trading of cryptocurrencies and altcoins. Unlike its competitors, YoBit has one of the most extensive coverages of cryptocurrency pairings in the market today. More importantly, investors are able to purchase and store their coins on the YoBit platform. This means that investors and traders do not need to wait until compatible wallets are developed and rolled out.

With a global reach, YoBit is jurisdiction agnostic. Investors and traders may face domestic restrictions, however, in trading and investing in cryptocurrencies. As a platform designed to deliver the broader cryptomarket to investors and traders, the focus is on delivery and product offering.

There are, therefore, limited risk management tools for the more advanced trader, such as stop loss and take profit options. While there are also no indicators for trading, this should not limit traders from considering YoBit as a platform. An extensive client base and cryptocurrency offering more than makes up for the lack of trading tools that other platforms provide.

It is worth noting that there are also no minimum deposits, withdrawals, or limitations on trade size. There is a cap on withdrawals by debit and credit card, however. InvestBox : Allows YoBit users to invest their idle coins and earn interest on coins that are invested. To start earning, simply go to the InvestBox page and select the preferred investment plan. Free Coins : YoBit users are also able to use free coins.

You will then be given instructions in order to get the number of free coins specified. See below. Traders and investors are also able to donate unwanted coins here. YoPony : Users can plan and win, with winners rewarded from 2 — x the initial bet.

Here, the calculation of the pony speeds depends on EN chat messages, bets, the sum of all bets, microtime, pony number, and md5 hash of the previous pony. YoBit provides a single interface to provide investors and traders an effective and simple to use trading platform. The YoBit platform provides investors and traders with charts, which include candlesticks and volumes.

Users are able to select adjust chart parameters, including time periods. As an interactive chart, users can also move the cursor over the candlesticks to obtain volumes, open, close, minimum, and maximum prices for the pairings. You can choose your pairing by selecting the cryptocurrency pairing, either on the left-hand side of the trade page or on the Market page.

There is no shortage of detailed information for investors and traders to monitor personal activity across the platform. On the left-hand side of each interface, YoBit users are provided with their balances in Bitcoin equivalent. On the trade page, investors and traders are also provided with a breakdown of all trades made on the platform.

These are by pairing and you will need to select the pairing to then receive the relevant trading history. Trading fees are at a flat rate of 0. Fees are automatically calculated and included within each buy or sell order.

For Deposits, there are no fees charged by YoBit. There are likely to be transfer fees incurred by the different payment methods, however. For the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies, a commission fee is deducted at the time of withdrawal. The withdrawal fee for all coins is a flat equivalent of 0. YoBit has a dedicated page availing existing crypto compatible wallets to the YoBit community, traders, and investors.

Investors and traders are able to easily transfer cryptocurrencies between their personal wallets and their wallets on the YoBit platform. This facilitates the deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies for investors and traders looking to either:. These are broken down by date, currency, amount, and status as reflected within the screenshot below. For investors and traders looking to deposit or withdraw funds, YoBit allows deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

Cryptocurrencies : YoBit supports the deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrencies. Do note that, In order to make deposits, you will need to go through the registration process in order to open a YoBit account. See Registration Process for details. In order to avoid making an error in entering the address details, it is recommended that you scan the QR code to transfer from your private wallet to your YoBit wallet.

Then enter the number of amount you wish to transfer and complete the deposit to the YoBit exchange. For withdrawals, traders and investors are able to withdraw cryptocurrencies by transferring out from your YoBit wallet to another compatible wallet. In order to withdraw your cryptocurrency, select the wallet from which you wish to withdraw your cryptocurrencies and click the Withdrawal option.

Ensure that you have entered the correct information. Incorrect information could lead to the permanent loss of your crypto assets. There is also a fee for withdrawing, which varies depending upon which asset you are withdrawing.

When you have inputted the number of coins that you wish to withdraw, you are also provided with the net of fees total number of coins. When withdrawing fiat money, YoBit account holders are able to make withdrawals via withdrawal fees are in brackets :.

The user can also vary the time frame of the snapshot. TRADE : The Trade page is the main interface for investors and traders, where users place buy and sell orders for crypto-crypto and fiat money-crypto transactions. There is an option to hide wallets with zero balances to limit the number of wallets in view.

These include YoBit name, full name, and the blockchain algorithm. Orders : For traders and investors, the Orders page provides a breakdown of all orders made on the YoBit exchange. History : The page provides a detailed breakdown of user activity on the YoBit exchange. Users can further narrow the range of categories that include:. A list of available investment plans gives users multiple choices to invest in. ADD : Developers are able to add their coins to the YoBit exchange, ensuring that YoBit remains ahead of its peers in terms of its cryptocurrency coverage.

YoBit delivers traders and investors a platform with the necessary privacy and security measures. Log-In Email Verification : YoBit also provides an email login verification step to deliver an added layer of security.

This does take longer, however, but does allow the tracking of support requests made. Users can also join the YoBit Community on Telegram. Social Media : YoBit has a selective social media presence and limits presence to Telegram and Twitter.

Do ensure that you do not communicate via any page claiming to be YoBit. Google Plus — This is no Google Plus page. Do note that any communication from YouTube will not be from the YoBit team. Yes, it is! Attack-proof encryption crypto algorithms are used by the system that excludes the threat of access to electronic wallets by third parties as well as forgery of electronic accounts.

Bitcoin and other currencies are strongly protected and completely anonymous. Major quantity of responses comes to users within an hour, but sometimes it takes up to 24 hours to send the response.

We are working at improvement of Support Team performance. However any funds transfer and changes can take up to 24 hours. Sometimes delays in days are possible. Commission amount depends upon the currency type however does not exceed 0. YoBit is a seasoned cryptocurrency exchange that delivers a user-friendly trading platform for both novice and experienced crypto traders and investors.

The no-frills, no spills approach, provides users with one of the largest cryptocurrency offerings available today. Not only can investors and traders buy and sell household names such as Bitcoin but also newly launched coins. Having been around since and with a global client base, volumes are also on the higher side supporting transaction speeds. The combination of pairings available, option to deposit and withdraw fiat money and global reach make YoBit a front runner in the crypto space.

With its long existence in crypto years, YoBit has also received numerous accolades. See below for reviews and accolades:. Crypto Hub. Economic News. Expand Your Knowledge. Forex Brokers Filter. Trading tools. Macro Hub. Corona Virus. Stay Safe, Follow Guidance.

YoBit Review 1. Withdraw Bitcoin on your YoBit account

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