Looking at the chart of XRP to BTC on the 1W timeframe we see that XRP has hit yearly lows in terms of the sat value. The last time XRPBTC has seen the sat support level was December , right before the start of the altcoin season. Then in the span of 28 days, XRP gained % on BTC. From there after XRP Author: Kyer. Nov 14,  · XRP touched the support line of a downtrend. Formed a double bottom RSI - oversold Best regards EXCAVOAuthor: EXCAVO. בדוק את שערי מטבעות-הקריפטו בזמן אמת בפלטפורמה הפיננסית החדשנית שלנו. ראה את הערך של ‎xrp‎ בדולר אמריקאי ומטבעות פופולריים אחרים כמו כן מטבעות-קריפטו.

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Hi kembali lagi di analisa dan ulasan saya kali ini saya akan membahas tentang XRP yang dimana sudah beberapa Bulan bearish bisa di bilang hari dan yang saya bahas kali ini adalah XRP terhadap BTC bisa dilihat di chart kalau XRP ingin kembali bullish tapi sepertinya blm saatnya jika kalian mau tetap ingin Masuk XRP boleh dengan catatan harus nunggu XRP masuk XRP cukup menarik untuk dimiliki dalam mode short-term,untuk daerah buy silahkan beli sekarang tipis-tipis atau menunggu di area Support 1 ,cukup cocok juga buat long-term,dan ada juga prediksi pergerakan xrp beberapa hari kedepan Happy trading guys Keputusan ada ditangan para trader bersangkutan.

Saya akan coba menjelaskan semudah mungkin Jadi saat tanggal 25 kemarin XRP mau list di coinbase berita keluar prntscr. XRP berhasil break resistance tapi gagal bertahan sangat di sayangkan padahal bisa pump yang lumayan tinggi jadi bagi kalian yang mau jaring XRP bisa di area Good luck bagi kalian yang invest di XRP tenang saya XRP itu coin bagus bukan shitcoin. XRP sudah mengalami penurunan, maka akan kembali ke atas atau reversal up, dimana setelah downtren akhirnya mengalami pembalikan arah.

Xrp termasuk coin nomor 3 di coinmarketcap prntscr. Pada chart terlihat bahwa garis bawah terus membentuk garis panjang keatas UP-trend disertai dengan indikator Ichimoku yang memberi konfirmasi sebagai berikut : 1. Harga melintas garis Base Line 2. Base Line melintas Conversion Line 3. Harga telah melewati garis batas Support 4. XRP looks set for a Bull run. On a weekly time frame, Signs of Strength are seen 1 Bullish divergence 2 Large volume at the current weekly candle What could this mean?

As the saying goes "Be greedy XRP potentially hit the bottom and starts to go up again. The SEC lawsuit only applies to americans, and even then it has a very low chance of success, you should definitely be buying XRP right now. If you wanna long xrp i would only suggest low leverage Go to ftx.

XRP is still dumping so hard , But could it pump much harder after the dump as it did in late , Well its a possibility and I would love to risk buying here with small amount and HODL for few more months.

Buying now is so dangerous "don't try to catch a falling knife", but longing with amount that you really afford to lose isn't a bad thing now. XRP bounced Hello friends. We will see what will happen in the ripples in the future. According to my guess, the first target is the point I indicated on the chart. It is my own opinion. It is not investment advice. It may sound like a joke, but in my opinion the best price to buy Ripple is 0. Lawsuit or not Fibonacci never lies. Its back testing a major 3 year support and resistance level, broke out of the weekly Bbands, the BTC pair is at support, and BTC dominance is potentially forming a head and shoulders What else could you ask for?!

Well the SEC would like a word. They just dropped a giant FUDs on The news is not fresh but it has been officially announced recently.

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Nov 14,  · XRP touched the support line of a downtrend. Formed a double bottom RSI - oversold Best regards EXCAVOAuthor: EXCAVO. Stella Lumens XLM and Ripple XRP are both awaiting a few billion dollars investment into Bitcoin. Sideways movement in BTC will encourage another quadrupling in both these cryptocurrencies we . XRP | BTC. XRP / Bitcoin BINANCE:XRPBTC XRP / Bitcoin. Trend Analysis. 23 views. 0. 0. trendanalysis. Falling wedge. Comments. Post Comment. Products. Chart Pine Script Stock Screener . Tags:Whats the catch with bitcoin trader, How to set up a bitcoin trading account, Bitcoin overall market value, Bitcoin is trading at, Deposit bitcoin into bank account