Waves is the fastest blockchain platform with real-world solutions for end users, businesses and developers, whether they need to store or exchange tokens, trade swiftly and securely (DEX) or run fraud-proof business logic (Waves smart contracts). Waves is airdropping SOCCER and MTN tokens to new Waves wallet members. not help, try reinstalling the app. Download the latest version from. Waves Platform is a cryptocurrency project launched by the Russian entrepreneur Alexander Ivanov in The blockchain platform launch campaign raised $16 million, becoming one of the largest in terms of funds raised through cryptodayly.de June , the Waves platform reported the integration of the dollar payment gateway into the Lite Client, which allows users of the wallet to replenish.

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Don't forget to join our Telegram channel , follow us on Facebook and subscribe our newsletter to receive new airdrops! Requirements: Telegram required Join channel. Twitter required Follow. Reddit required. Report Issue. Participants Unlimited. Exclusive Airdrops. Follow us to never miss any airdrop again! Airdrop Newsletter Email. Waves claims to be all about providing users with the ability, and of course the platform, to succeed in the cryptocurrency field.

Founded on the principle of being an open and comprehensive ecosystem, Waves offers all the elements necessary for wider blockchain adoption. In addition to Waves tokens, thousands of other kinds of tokens have already been released on the platform, plus many more are being unveiled every day. Another feature of Waves Platform is its high network speed with its ability to handle hundreds of transactions per second.

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After that, you can press continue. This is the most important part if you ask me. Backing up your wallet adds another layer of security for your holdings. Go to the File menu and select the Backup option. It will ask you for a secret phrase, which you should not forget and then you can click on Back Up Now.

The platform will now advise you that there is an increase in the frequency of scams and phishing attacks, to which you should press I understand. It will show you a recovery phrase, which you will need to write down and confirm in the wallet that you have written it down. Verify it by clicking on the words in the right order and then press Confirm. Go to your wallet and click your avatar on the top left corner. There you will find your wallet address, to which you can send the coins from the exchange.

The last step is to lease your coins to a masternode of your choice. When you open your wallet, there will be a button called Leasing that you need to click in the main menu. After you click it, a new tab will open with new info inside. Find the Start Lease button and click it to start the lease process. This will take you to a new tab, where you will find two boxes. One of the boxes specifies the address of the masternode that you would like to lease to and the other you can use to input the amount you would like to lease.

Fill in the fields and re-confirm the information, then you can press the Start Lease button and then Confirm. Once you have done that, you will be able to see a new transaction in the Leasing Transaction Table , which means that you have successfully leased your coins to the node. Waves Staking Reward Depending on which masternode you choose to lease to, you will receive your rewards on a weekly or monthly basis. One of the great benefits of the WAVES platform is that on the 15th of every month, tokens are being airdropped to your wallet, which you can sell on the decentralized exchange for WAVES coins.

The way your rewards will be distributed is that you will receive a share of transaction fees on a regular basis because the masternode itself provides the security and stability of the network. They are the only full node in the platform that has validation privileges. With WAVES staking or leasing there are no real shortcuts to maximizing your reward or straight up increasing it. What I can advise is to choose the appropriate masternode, to which you will lease your coins to, as different nodes have varying payout periods, activity and luck.

An alternative method you can use is to have multiple core wallets on different devices and lease to different nodes at the same time. This could increase your rewards when your funds are more spread out. Before you invest into the network and buy coins you might like to check out roughly how much you will be rewarded for leasing your coins.

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