Bitcoin has the largest market capitalization by far of all cryptocurrencies, 19 times larger than the runner up Ethereum. The number of units is capped at 21 million, 16 million of which are available. The cap ensures that inflation won't decrease their value. Bitcoin has broken through it's previous channel to the down side. Look for a drop to the level before finding previous support. A good time to buy the dip if you've been waiting on the sidelines. Projected is the low 18K's. TradingView India. Bitcoin BTCUSDT technical analysis Pull-Back zone: to

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The previous signal turned out to be very profitable and the price was able to reach the resistance What is there to say, You can see that crypto is definitely trying to break out. I think all i am going to say is this: Money from impatient to the patient. So hold strong, hold religiously if you have to, just don;t shit coin, mkay bro. Really got little to say for Novermeber, as i think most of the action will come down late Novemeber, Crypto have Nice buy opportunity.

Possible falling wedge. BCH bullflag. This is not a Financial advise, just my thoughts. As we can see, our two previous ideas turned out to be profitable as I said. The price followed my direction. As we can see, the level and zone of resistance play the main role in today's idea. The "fair value" line is still subjective, as it is only a regression and does not take into account other metrics.

This is the estimated fee you can expect to pay to have your bitcoin transaction confirm in 1 block. The estimation is derived from the daily total revenue miners received divided by the daily total number of transactions.

An option to change to a different currency is provided. Notes on transaction fees: Most exchanges do not provide an option to change the Simple script that graphically represents the mining difficulty of Bitcoin. It is ment to be used as a tool to decide when it is good time to dollar cost average DCA in your Bitcoin hodl position.

When Price is below the difficulty model it is usually a good time to DCA. Formula for the model used in this calculation is 0. It is Bitcoin aggregated on balance volume. The script implements the Pi Cycle Top indicator This indicator identifies tops in the bitcoin market cycle.

Historically, the Pi Cycle Top indicator has called out tops in the price of bitcoin within three days. The script is very easy to use and it is possible to change the following parameters: the time interval default value is day ; the days of long Trade at your own risk.

Please read about renko charts before using this indicator. This indicator is for educational purposes only. This Indicator is only valid in renko charts with 1 second timeframe. With the traditional method and the size box of Fouth times the charm? If BTC goes below the current pennant, lookout..

In this down channel we can hove an soft dump if it don't break the down line of this channel and in other side if it break the top line of channel it can pump. As I sayed on last idea BTC stay in a channel for a while and now its breakthe top line of the channel on and pumped and as I sayed on last idea its give us a good short on its channel now we have an strong on If it break can do a bulliesh If it cant break again make an channel as I showed on chart.

Btc price will go down after this month. Looking at the charts BTC moved up as predicted. It's hit the upside wall at the Now begins the consolidation phase where btc travels sideways and reloads for another move. If that consolidation phase bounces across and slowly moves down BTC will form a bullish flag for another move forward. That's the formation I'm watching for. In these sideways Wave C accelerating as expected. BTC is in a pennant pattern.

A break above it's current mark blue arrow on the chart and BTC could challenge it's all time high again Area indicated in a yellow circle on the chart.

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Bitcoin Parabolic rally getting stacked and will most possibly have a small -5% pullback to and then there will be a pump to till end of the year. Then the bull market will start due to bankruptcy waves after the disastrous financial year will be show the hidden side of iceberg of financial crisis. Nice buy opportunity. Possible falling wedge. fib Bull div SL: $ TP1: $ TP2: $ Bitcoin Binance Sentiment Index FerdiHodler Dec 13 The divergence of the price between the futures and spot markets for perpetual contracts could be a gauge of sentiment on a traded cryptoasset. Sentiment analysis could be used to improve the the predictive . Tags:Bitcoin trading program, Trading bitcoin shark tank, Bitcoin trading tutorial, Best bitcoin trading platform in europe, Ig markets bitcoin options