May 30,  · So, after the verification procedure, the user can enter fiat money on the exchange and go directly to trading operations with digital currency. HitBTC was originally created with the . The most advanced cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, ZCash, Ripple, Ardor. General Info HitBTC is a crypto exchange originally from Denmark, which has been operating since The exchange claims to have a terminal built on the best technology that lets you trade effortlessly on .

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The company has quickly acquired a popularity for multi-currency support, low fees, and high liquidity. The platform offers an outstanding matching core engine that considerably helps cryptocurrency traders improve their trading experience.

The platform has always hosted a list of top-tier tokens. In December , the platform had a daily volume of over million USD. In , the platform entered the top seven largest cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume. It also deserves attention as it actually shaped the crypto industry the way we know it today. HitBTC is the one to offer one of the biggest variety of trading pairs as there are more than trading pairs offered on it at the time of writing.

Hotbit goes second in this rating but it offers pairs less. The company offers a wide range of tools that meet the requirements of the most demanding users who prefer to use low-latency and trustworthy systems delivering peak performance. It had to leave the Japanese market due to the regulatory restrictions. The company prioritizes the principles of security, reliability, and quality of performance. The platform always tried to apply innovative techniques and introduce something new to the industry.

The company believes in the future with a digital economy and a self-sustainable Internet at its core that requires appropriate infrastructure for that. The product created by the team complies with the most sophisticated and demanding requirements the future holds for us. The company has been working over the advanced technology for years and now it powers it to the advantage of its customers. The goals achieved by the developers of HitBTC enable the performance and flexibility of the system complying with always-changing conditions and requirements of the environment.

The team behind the platform promises to provide the most profitable pricing for its users with help of a smooth and highly effective API, a sophisticated reporting system and low latency matching engine LD4.

A cutting edge engine alleviates trading and makes the performance faster. The traders can take advantage of real-time clearing and enhanced order matching algorithm. The trading functionality is also extensive with 4 types of orders available for traders: market, limit, stop-limit, and stop orders. One of the benefits of the exchange is Comprehensive Demo Trading that was launched in It allows users to test trading strategies and adjust API settings in the sandbox environment.

The platform also launched an altcoin voting program in International wire transfers SWIFT are also accepted and the processing time ranges between one and three days.

New coins are added to HitBTC exchange as a result of user votes or market makers' activity. The first coin added by winning the coin contest was DOGE [9] and the latest one to win the challenge was community-vote driven NXT coin [10]. It can be used by novice traders to gain valuable trading experience and gives them an opportunity to learn exactly what HitBTC has to offer.

At the same time, it allows skilled users to test out their robots on the demo platform and judge for themselves of the high quality of this new feature. With responsive and feature-packed terminal users can trade effortlessly any of the currency pairs in milliseconds.

Bids and Asks are updated in real time, and the chart running on the page is quite solid. The developers have worked on a very impressive set of protection matters as the mentioned state of art cryptography combined with FIPS validation and offers of two-factor authentication. With this new feature users now can explore markets effortlessly. Anyone is allowed to check the very latest market data, charts, and order book, without having to log into an account, providing extra convenience.

Market Maker contracts permit API traders to maximize their trading experience. The contracts are accompanied by cash incentives and rebate bonuses. When it comes to HitBTC support, it is worth noting that it has noticeably improved over time. Specialists quickly respond to customer questions. Moreover, HitBTC is firmly convinced that digital currencies with good potential should receive the support of a large exchange and hold continuous voting.

Depending on the votes of customers and guests, a coin selected could be included in the list of supported currencies. To vote, users must go to a special web page, find the desired electronic currency and click on the appropriate button.

Another customer service feature that sets HitBTC apart from its competitors is its guest mode. With this feature, customers can easily analyze results in the markets. Everyone is allowed to view the most popular records, schedules and an e-book of orders without having to log in to the account, which is extremely convenient.

The platform was created by outstanding technical minds, high-level financial experts and experienced traders, so HitBTC delivers one of the most reliable, fast and powerful platform solutions on the market. The HitBTC platform has earned a reputation for being safe, fast and highly affordable.

The main HitBTC engine is one of the best technology products in its class, offering traders a wide range of functions, such as checking coins in real-time and removing them from the exchange in case of problems, as well as advanced algorithms for matching orders. HitBTC protects its users with two-factor authentication, which in the settings can be set for each transaction separately.

Also, if you notice some suspicion, then you can end all sessions. This function can be automatically configured for a certain period of time so that for example, once a day all sessions of the account are completed. CoinBase cryptocurrency exchange is one of the most popular resources for working with digital coins among traders, which offers the user free reliable crypto-wallets, as well as a functional platform for full-fledged currency trading. It is a regulated company with headquarters in San Francisco.

The service appeared in and in the first two years managed to attract more than a million users. Informative official website, quick withdrawals, professional support managers, etc. What does Coinbase do better than the rest? It provides an easy-to-use platform, so that everyone can confidently buy cryptocurrencies. It is very convenient and suitable for beginners. Coinbase was designed to allow any user to feel comfortable buying cryptocurrencies. Nevertheless, the exchange has significant restrictive criteria that limit the deposit and the amount of withdrawal, as well as an extremely limited selection of pairs of virtual currencies.

You can find more detailed Hitbtc vs Coinbase comparison here. Kraken is an American cryptocurrency exchange, one of the largest in the world in terms of cryptocurrency trading volume. Founded July 28, in San Francisco and is still based in California. The exchange also has its own iOS app. The advantageous difference between a cryptocurrency exchange with such a relatively long history and most of the other platforms of the cryptocurrency world is that it has never been hacked.

Nevertheless, the Kraken exchange in any review appears as an exchange that is difficult for beginners, unlike HitBTC. It has many features for crypto exchange, which is great if trading is your daily work. But this is too much if you just want to start. HitBTC exchange is considered more intuitive for both an experienced trader and a beginner. You can find more detailed Hitbtc vs Kraken comparison here. The HitBTC trading platform is very convenient and easy to use even for a newbie: everywhere there are detailed tips, and if something remains unclear with them, you can contact a fairly operational support service.

Small commissions are also attracted by the fact that you do not need to go through the procedure of confirming your identity - you can remain an almost anonymous user you still enter the email when registering. A good exchange is also the fact that a rather large trading volume is concentrated on it - it is included in the top 10 largest trading platforms for trading. This suggests that many users around the world trust HitBTC. In accordance with all the reviews and information checked, we can say that HitBTC is legit and definitely not a scam.

Do not forget that cryptocurrency exchanges have a tendency to close the registration of new users but also often close the wallets of different coins for servicing. Therefore, we advise you to register immediately on HitBTC, so that you always have an account on this exchange, if suddenly the developers want to close the registration of new users in case of a huge influx of new customers.

Large range of cryptocurrencies No restrictions on depositing or withdrawing digital assets Advanced engine matching technology Wide range of tools available over The most advanced API on the market REST and FIX APIs Simple but extensive interface There is the possibility of joint trading with other users, which makes it possible to earn more for both parties.

No option to use a credit card There is a rounding of the minimum bid, which is inconvenient. Leave your review about HitBTC here.

Please note that your feedback may be crucial for the user when choosing a product, so try to avoid inaccuracies and unreasonable criticism.

I like that they don't stop developing and adding new features. That's a good sign. They literally don't have the rivals. The best service. I'm not kidding, I don't see any issues or problems. They deserve that Mark. All the positive comments are true for sure. Good crypto ecosystem, it works perfectly. To be honest, I notices some 2 days maintenance, but it doesn't spoil my experience with that guys.

I like it. I think it's truly great. The charts and chatbox are helpful and useful. The trollbox is funny and helpful as well. I like the community of the platform.

I'm glad that HitBTC become so popular. I remember how they got started and nowadays I see a big progress and improvements. Way to go! I didn't find any reason to criticize the exchange. It provides an outstanding service, in my opinion. The biggest advantage is a stability.

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HitBTC is a crypto exchange originally from Denmark, which has been operating since The exchange claims to have a terminal built on the best technology that lets you trade effortlessly on any of the available trading pairs. With respect to trading pairs, HitBTC /5(99). HitBTC Exchange Review Is it Still the Best Crypto. Trading on HitBTC involves a combination of crypto/crypto pairs and a few crypto/fiat currency pairings. The full cryptocurrency asset listing features the following: The full cryptocurrency asset. Tags:Binance btc deposit, Bitcoin auto trading software, Is china trading bitcoin, Get into bitcoin trading, Bitcoin trade in china