Dear traders, fees for incoming ETH token transactions will be introduced today. Please mind the fee amount in the "Deposit" section while making a deposit. ETH is roughly USD 4. Great, now we have to pay just to deposit? Deposits on HitBTC can be made in any cryptocurrency, however fiat currencies are not supported. There is a fee of BTC but only for deposits in Bitcoin. Unlike most of the exchanges, withdrawal fees are not based on the volume and adjust automatically with the market. Current fees can be found in your exchange account. Dec 22,  · Introducing Deposit Fees on HitBTC. December 22, Dear traders! This post was updated on January 16, , to include the information regarding ETH, USDT and all tokens deposit fees. Due to heavily increased demand, a large number of transactions passes through BTC and other networks. It leads to a significant amount of transactions.

Hitbtc eth deposit fee

Introducing Deposit Fees on HitBTC / HitBTC Official Blog / HitBTC

Hmmm that's surprising. Some exchanges can really have different policies for deposit withdrawals HitBTC is dodgy. I used them for coins I couldn't get elsewhere but the risk and delays is not worth it at all. Hitbtc : if you have a patience to wait 10 days like me. Today is the second day. You should add your withdrawal addresses to whitelist while waiting for confirmation because whitelisting something will disable withdrawal for 48 hours.

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There is no group that can take away your right to use ETC how you choose. In our maker-taker model, the "taker" is a trader who removes the liquidity from the book by placing an order that matches immediately with an existing order on the book. The taker pays the fee from the committed trade. The "maker" is a trader who provides liquidity to the order book by placing a limit order below the best ask price for the buy and above the best bid price for the sell.

A Rebate is a reward that HitBTC pays to the "maker" for providing liquidity to a market while charging customers who take that liquidity. In other words, if a trade outside of the immediate market price is matched, we may incentivize the traders who placed the order. Bottom line: we at HitBTC are always trying to enhance your experience with our platform, and we aim to facilitate your trading process by providing greater liquidity.

Periodically, a small Interest Rate is paid to hold a margin position open. HitBTC is a relatively new exchange that claims to be the most advanced in the crypto space. HitBTC is widely known for its simple user interface and high volume trading.

HitBTC is a place where both newcomers and trading professionals will be able to trade with ease. However, like any exchange, HitBTC has its positives and negatives that have been expressed by numerous traders. In this in-depth HitBTC review we will dig into the exchange fees, services, customer support, trading, and much more.

Let us get started and look in detail in this review now,. HitBTC is a cryptocurrency exchange which is famous for its wide variety of coin listings and advanced trading features.

It was established in the UK in the year It supports more than cryptocurrencies, including all the major crypto-assets. The team consists of software developers, finance professionals, and experienced traders.

When it comes to cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, there are no HitBTC fees for making deposits. However, there are flat fees for withdrawals, and these are particularly high for some of the newer cryptocurrencies listed on the site. HitBTC charges a withdrawal fee amounting to 0. As your monthly trade volume increases the fees get lower. After BTC volume, the maker fee drops to 0.

Introducing Deposit Fees on HitBTC Trading Fees

Jul 15,  · Took me ~9 days to deposit my ETC. Traded them for Doge and sent all to Binance, after that I traded my Doge for USDT and sold for fiat currency. That's how I avoided the high fee of HitBTC, Doge withdrawal fee is really low. The most advanced cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, ZCash, Ripple, Ardor. Bitcoin: BTC ($), Ethereum: ETH ($), Litecoin: LTC ($), Bitcoin Cash: BCH ($), Monero: XMR ($). Tags:Tradingview bitcoin broker, Bitcoin demonetisation, Forex broker deposit bitcoin, A vegan a bitcoin trader and a, Mt4 platform bitcoin