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Despite this, the platform also offers a range of services designed to be utilized by less experienced traders, thus allowing both new entrants and professional traders to benefit from automated trading.

The service provided by HaasOnline is one of the most comprehensive when compared to its competitors and incorporates features such as technical indicators, historical and real-time backtesting, safeties and insurances.

In addition, the platform supports fully programmable script bots, which are written in C and this allows developers to create fully customized bots that work in specific ways. While the crypto trading bots can trade any altcoin pair supported by compatible exchanges, and there are no restrictions on the number of altcoin pairs you can trade with.

As a result, HaasOnline enjoys a growing community with thousands of active users making use of the HTS cryptocurrency trading platform. Users are required to install and configure HTS and the team have provided a number of guides that help to speed up the process. There are three types of licenses available, namely Beginner, Simple, and Advanced, and in addition to choosing the type, you can also choose how long you wish your license to be active for.

The platform provides license terms of 3, 6 or 12 months. All payments must be made in Bitcoin, and prices range from 0. Users are also free to upgrade at anytime and just need to pay the difference between their current and new plan.

This can prove tricky at first and new users will have to go through the various online tutorials in order to successfully navigate the process. However, once HTS is up and running newer traders have access to easy to use pre-built bots such as the Order bot which works according to pre-defined orders, the Accumulation bot, which accumulates a particular currency via randomized ordering, and the Inter-Exchange Arbitrage Bot which takes advantage of price differentials on different exchanges.

Furthermore, insurances provide an additional layer of protection, and trigger the buying or selling of a certain asset when special conditions are fulfilled.

Despite this, the platform provides a wealth of options for more advanced users and these include fully customizable script bots, over 50 technical indicators as well as the 13 types of insurance and 21 different safeties. HaasOnline also provides an auto-tune feature for indicators and safeties which allows members to see which settings work the best over a specific period of time.

In keeping with the majority of automated trading platforms, Haasonline requires some tinkering by the trader to work efficiently and start to generate profits. Furthermore, users control the entire process, choose the bots, and set the strategies and parameters. As a result, new traders should stick to simple strategies and leave the more complex methods to experienced and professional traders.

We have covered a number of Crypto Trading Bots here on Blockonomi now, The HaasBot compares favorably in features but will be a little harder to setup as these are cloud-based trading platforms, where HaasBot you have to install locally.

The project is one of the more transparent on the market and has provided a clear outline of its corporate structure and executive team on its website. In addition, the team are quite active and run a number of social media accounts and a Telegram group, and have built up a substantial community. HaasOnline also only accepts payment in Bitcoin which also helps to maintain user privacy. Also, the software does not have access to your funds; however it does require some administrative permissions in order to work.

The software broadcasts a Web Interface and its own API by running a local server, and uses its administrator access for the local web server. The team have also incorporated a number of security features in order to protect their customers, and deposits and withdraws from within the HTS platform are not supported.

In addition, the platform supports Two Factor Authentication 2FA as an additional security measure, and this helps to ensure that unauthorized access is not possible on your trade server. Similar to other trading bot platforms, while you do not keep funds on Haasonline, your trading bots connect with your exchange accounts and perform trades on your behalf, and if hackers were to gain access to your trading terminal, they would be able to take control of your trading activity.

Prospective users can join the Telegram group to gain a better understanding of the project or take some time to search the Bitcointalk thread about Haasonline which covers years and years of discussion. HaasOnline is a comprehensive automated trading platform that requires users to sign up to the website, install and configure HTS, subscribe to a license and then begin to use different bots.

The platform integrates with a large number of leading exchanges and supports over currency pairs. There are differences in the number of packages:. Bots that you can run at the same time. Insurances that can be specified for the execution of trades. Collateral that also protects your trades. Monthly price when booking for 3 months :. Monthly price at booking for 6 months :.

Monthly price when booking for 12 months :. Of course, the provider offers lower costs per month for a longer period. We from crypto-invest. We usually have a few bots that test like at the same time.

Thus, we also want to test how the bot performs in the long term. The payment is quite simple, but please take into account that the payment is only in Bitcoin BTC. So it makes sense that you already own Bitcoin. If you already own a Bitcoin Wallet, you can start right away. When registering, only first and last name, e-mail address and place of residence are requested. Thus, the registration is quite simple and should not be too challenging for beginners.

The user interface is very simple and intuitive to use. We looked at some pre-made bots and tried some directly. First, we tried the Ping Pong Bot, since we already knew this kind of bot, we looked at more advanced bots and tried it out. Conclusion After a week, our total return was 6. In the second week, the yield was It should also be pointed out here that it is difficult to say how much of this benefits the bot, because of course the upswing is also noticeable in trading.

In the third and last week we achieved a return of at least 8. This money we let the bots continue to trade and tell you the long-term experience in the near future! So stay tuned and write us your experiences with the bot. Which settings did you choose? What is your preferred strategy? HaasBot is one of the most detailed bots on the market.

HaasBot offers the most ready-made bots. In addition, many useful tools are included, such as the possibility to specify insurance for the trades.

We can say from our own experience that the bot is very well worked up. He is not the cheapest on the market, but he can be worth his money in the long term.

Overall, we are very satisfied with the bot, the only possible improvement would be perhaps the price. Of course, a long-term investment for 12 months is most worthwhile, but you have to be sure. Make yourself a picture and be aware of what you want to achieve with the investment! At the end should be pointed out again, pay attention to your money!

Invest only what you are willing to lose, because the risk of losing capital also remains with trading, even if you can minimize it. Your email address will not be published.

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Which package is most worthwhile for how many months?

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Jul 17,  · HaasOnline is the website behind HaasBot, an online automated trading platform that aims to help individuals to efficiently trade digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and various altcoins/ Jun 16,  · Haasbot is a top-level trading robot powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Investors must buy a license at a small fee to trade with this platform. The subscription for the. Bitcoin Trading Pro Possibilities and Probabilities. The Tools for Trading Bitcoin Haas Online. World’s most advanced automated crypto trade bots. Rapidly develop, back-test, and deploy high frequency crypto trade bots across dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges in minutes, not hours. Tags:Btc trading simulator, Trade vertcoin for bitcoin, Bitcoin trader problems, Bitcoin trader dragons den deborah, Bitcoin trading platform uae