Eca devs = coinsmarkets. Platinum | QC: CC , BTC 97 | r/Buttcoin 2 points · 1 year ago. I had a bit of money on there. Coinsmarkets was exciting in that it offered automatic staking on coins held on the site. Pretty genius for maximizing funds for an exit scam in all honesty. I moved a hyper-APR coin there from my cryptopia wallet. Feb 28,  · Only withdraw of ECA is enabled currently. There's a lot of speculation that ECA and CoinsMarkets are in the same bed and there were some life threats made to the ECA team. But, that's all speculation. Only once they start activating more coin wallets will I truly believe that they are back. Electra (ECA) is a Proof of Stake (PoS) open-source project that runs on an ever-developing and improving blockchain, that focuses on protecting funds from malicious attacks, as it aims for mass adoption as a peer-to-peer digital payment option.

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I had a small bag on there and just accepted it. Not worth my energy. I knew what I was getting into with that and the worst case happened.

Of course it's a tragedy for people who lost significant amounts of money on there. I'm fully supporting anyone who's deciding to raise their voice and make the topic more known. Why would you leave large amounts of coins just lingering on such a sketchy exchange? Setting stupidly low buy prices and hoping it hits at some point over the next several weeks?

Why we keep blaming people for this? We all want to crypto become more popular, but this is not a friendly enviroment. Month after month we are seeing new scam icos, sites stealing How will crypto succed if new users are getting robbed? The people using that site were buying scam coins with an intention to dump. To be fair, Crypto is only as large as it is now because it's easy to rob people of money.

Most people in this subreddit are here to make money off unsuspecting losers. The scammers will get rich, use those funds for bigger scams, and eventually get so big they go legit and control the whole market.

God bless America. Sorry but not so new, it's not an exchange with Fiat deposit the result is people who already have an account in probably a big exchange because you need fiat, people who probably know how to use a wallet to "store" and send coin, and people who follow the crypto for moving from one coin to another because it's the usecase of an exchange like that , we call this people traders.

With growing exorbitant listing fees on proven legitimate exchanges, new legitimate coins that aren't ICOs or haven't taken massive premines with presales simply don't have the ability to list anywhere other than newer or less than preferable exchanges to start gaining trade volume. I had a bit of money on there. Coinsmarkets was exciting in that it offered automatic staking on coins held on the site.

Pretty genius for maximizing funds for an exit scam in all honesty. I moved a hyper-APR coin there from my cryptopia wallet so I could earn the rewards. Of course, I knew there was a chance I could get burnt. That pretty much sums it up.

I mean damn how many exchange hacks, shut down and runs you gotta experience. Most of these exchanges look and behave in identical ways. Like shit. As I have seen said on this subreddit a lot - the responsibility for hacks and scams is yours. If you lose money, it is all your fault. I don't really believe this, but it does seem like the standard response.

In all seriousness though, what a scam. Shoulda known with that Geocities looking website. I think had some XIOS on there.

I went and checked recently after many attempts at trying to log in but my balance was empty, no trade history even. Enjin wallet, MEW and other wallets are free. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. CryptoCurrency comments other discussions 1. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds.

Post link. Post text. Coinsmarkets is a cryptocurrency exchange that has been all but not working since January 5, , with trading and withdrawals disabled. The Coinsmarkets exchange blames their server and database but really what happened?. The Coinsmarkets domain was registered under a fake name that shows an address in the Netherlands. It was just some wealthy residential area.

Previously Coinsmarkets was down for a short period of time in September and back then the Coinsmarkets profile provided updates in the Bitcointalk forum. In mid-February, ECA team announced they would start looking for legal action to get Coinsmarkets open the withdrawals for all coins. Soon after, Electra withdrawal was opened on February More coins to follow. All they allow to be withdrawn are worthless coins.

Almost no communication. No legit business does that. The news was released on May Now Coinsmarkets. is a Scam: \ Contracts\

Apr 20,  · At the same time, coinsmarkets are release only the crap coins for withdrawal, so far there isn't a major big coin which has been enabled to withdraw, I do have BTC worth of coins over there, mainly moved for staking purpose, fingers crossed, hope they release them soon. — One Your Stolen Crypto Back / coins/markets endpoint would is the fake cryptocurrency coin id, does anyone BTC - ECA Coins perfectly summarises the meteoric the past few”. See Tweets about. #coinsmarkets hashtag on pandemic BTC # coinsmarkets . Сurrent Electra / Bitcoin exchange rate, Real-time market data: buy & sell rate, charts, order book. Tags:Bitcoin future market cap, Bitcoin trade ireland, Bitcoin in tradingview, Coinbase trade eth for btc, Secrets of bitcoin trading