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Btc or eth for trading

What are "Trading Pairs" in Cryptocurrency? - CryptoCurrency Facts

And in fact some cryptocurrencies can only be bought with other cryptos, so learning about trading pairs becomes pretty important if you want to expand your crypto holdings beyond the major coins! Trading pairs can be a little complicated to wrap your head around, but can be a really big benefit to those who time their trades right.

To help you better understand trading pairs, consider the example below. Example : Imagine you have on hand Bitcoin and cash meaning fiat currency like dollar bills and you want to obtain Litecoin. The fiat value of the trade is no different in the moment the trade is made as you owned that Bitcoin which went up in value the same as you owned your cash , but if your goal is to get more coins because you believe the cash value of all coins will go up or that Litecoin will go up and Bitcoin back down in this example , and you time things right, you can do really well with trading pairs.

Of course, things can go very wrong with trading pairs too. Well, one of the apparent reasons is that the number of transactions increases substantially more for ETH than for BTC. Ethereum is now processing almost 4 times more transactions per second TPS than Bitcoin. Well, this is another story. Both cryptocurrencies have different use cases and work on their niches.

Indeed, the growth in one could help the other receive an impulse and grow as well. In the same way that it happens with traditional companies, virtual currencies have different functionalities. It is not the same to compare eBay with Microsoft, because both of them have their own characteristics, markets, products and business models. Bitcoin has been created as a store of value and as digital money. Ethereum, instead, is a development platform that uses Ether as a native currency.

Programers and companies are able to use the network and create decentralized applications dApps. With Bitcoin, enterprises and individuals can send and receive funds, or just use the currency to hedge against economic crisis. Comparing both networks in this way, we can assume that Bitcoin and Ethereum are not rival currencies, but instead different networks created for different purposes. For example, developers on the Ethereum network have created collectable cats CryptoKitties that can be exchanged for ETH.

At the same time, there are different decentralized exchanges that allow users to buy and sell ERC currencies based on Ethereum. It is also important to mention that Ethereum has people working on a wide variety of projects like ICOs , layer 3 protocols, etc. Bitcoin is different. The most famous cryptocurrency has people working in just one important topic: Bitcoin itself. Another interesting point to mention about Bitcoin and Ethereum is the speed of the developments that took place on both networks.

Instead, Ethereum did it at the end of , just two and a half years after being created. The same happens with the market dominance. Bitcoin was growing during more than 7 years to reach current levels, Ethereum was just 3 years to reach such an important position in the market. The same happens with the number of transactions and active addresses. Ethereum will have to do a great work in order to scale, even more than Bitcoin. Why does it happen in this way? Because Ethereum needs to handle more transactions than Bitcoin, which will be quite difficult to achieve without investing in Sharding, plasma, or Casper.

Bitcoin is completely focused in the Lightning Network LN which will allow the network to process an important number of transactions with low fees, and the community is waiting for that. Both currencies can properly grow and scale without one having to harm the other.

Having important community developers behind each of these networks is a positive thing for the whole ecosystem and not just for ETH or BTC. Both currencies have substantially increased compared to 24 hours ago. In the future, these currencies will keep growing and showing the world what they have to offer.

What are “Trading Pairs” in Cryptocurrency? What About the Flippening?

14 hours ago · BITCOIN BREAKING $ LIVE + BTC/ETH TRADING [Christmas Livestream] December 25, by admin 0 Comments. Trading. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share on Google+. Do you want to know how I trade the Bitcoin market (Entry, exit, stoploss) + receive realtime Bitcoin . Nov 20,  · The ETH/BTC EMA Ratio Trading implements a crossover strategy on the ETH/BTC 26 day exponential moving average. Learn more about EMAs here. At a high level, if the ETH/BTC ratio . Bitniex is providing new solutions for traders on crypto-product market. High TPS, Optimized fees, Fast KYC, Instant deposits&Withdrawals, Supporting over 20+ major coins&tokens. Tags:Bitcoins tradingview, Bitcoin global trading volume, Bitcoin micro trading, Btc xo market limited, Best day trading platform for bitcoin